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Below is our full list of products available for ordering online.


lamb shanks (gf)

4 shanks per serving - our shanks are braised to perfection. Slow cooked till the meat is so tender it falls from the bone, covered in a rich lamb gravy.
average weight - 1.4kg  ❄️ freezes well.


pork spare ribs (gf)

family size - ribs, ribs & only ribs, braised in plum, orange & BBQ glaze & oven baked until sticky.
average weight - 2.7kg


vegetable lasagne (v/gf)

family size - bursting with a rainbow of vegetables and our delicious simple tomato sauce, topped off with a layer of cheese.
average weight - 2.8kg

**Suitable for freezing


beef lasagne (gf)

family size - layers of gluten free pasta with a rich beef sauce, blanketed a creamy cheese sauce - it's the perfect comfort dish for these cooler nights.
average weight - 2.7kg


classic bacon + egg pie

family size - the kiwi classic that the family will love - filled with the two essentials bacon and eggs!
average weight - 3kg


crispy skin pork belly (gf)

4 generous pieces - who can resist crispy skin pork belly, especially when it's served in our in house gravy.
average weight - 2kg


chicken breast (gf)

family size - bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomato,cream cheese on mushroom cream sauce.
average weight - 2.2kg


shepherds pie (gf)

family size - classic beef shepherds pie with kumara + potato mash topping the perfect winter comforter for the whole family.
average weight - 2.2kg

**Suitable for freezing


stuffed capsicum (gf, v)

family size - capers toasted nut + caramelised onion stuffed capsicum with sweet tomato jam.
average weight - 2kg



apple crumble (gf)

family size - the perfect mix of apple and spices topped with a generous crumbled made with gluten free oats.
average weight - 2.5 kg approx 12 generous serves.

**Suitable for freezing


chocolate fudge self saucing pudding (gf)

family size - the perfect mix of chocolately, fudginess, delivered to your door.  pop in the oven, warm through and serve with lashings of cream or ice cream....or both!
average weight - 1.6kg


produce boxes

fresh vegetable box

quality. freshness. value. leeks, pumpkin, broccoli, potatoes, kumara, carrots, baby spinach, red onions + brown onions - contents may vary due to supply.


fresh fruit box

quality. freshness. value. bananas, oranges, pears, apples, kiwifruit along with other seasonal fruit - a minimum of 6 fruit varieties.


capers pantry staples

organic chicken + vegetable stock, peanut butter, organic white quinoa, cannellini beans, chickpeas, whole tomatoes, passata, tomato & basil pasta sauce, soup mix, italian artisan pasta 500gram, risotto rice 1 kilo and 500ml organic olive oil.



lemon tart


carrot cake


chocolate cake


wholly chocomole raw cakes (6 pack - gf/ve)



eggs - dozen free range


milk standard blue 2L


bread - ciabatta loaf


bread - gluten free loaf


rice coconut milk 1L


almond milk 1L